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Passive Fire Protection(For Steel Structure)

Passive fire protection system plays a very important role in insulating building structures to prevent the building from collapsing when subjected to the adverse effects of fire. Such protection allows sufficient time for the occupants to escape, and/or for the fire-fighting services to safely enter and remain in the building to contain and extinguish the fire.
As a leading brand of fireproofing manufacturer in the United States for over 100 years, Isolatek International provides the full range of passive fire protection systems to cater for the requirement of both commercial and hydrocarbon grade fires.
Isolatek Type 300

Isolatek Type 300


Fast & Efficient


Cost effective Light Weight

Isolatek Type 300 is a cementitious vermiculite “ wet mixed” spray-applied fire protection material for structural elements in commercial construction. It is a very fast and cost effective method of providing fire protection to concealed steelworks with extensive track record in Malaysia and throughout the world
Isolatek Type M-II & Type TG

Isolatek Type M-II & Type TG


For Higher Abrasion


Resistance & Hardness

Isolatek Type M-II is a single package, factory-controlled Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) based on vermiculite and portland cement. It is specifically developed for spray-application to structural columns and beams in both exterior and interior environments where higher levels of abrasion resistance and hardness are necessary.
Isolatek Type TG has been developed for trowel application. This product can be used for protection against either commercial or hydrocarbon grade fires with the appropriate application thicknesses.
Isolatek Type WB3

Isolatek WB Series


Ideal For Steel


Works Exposed To View

Structural steel construction allows the architect to be creative with modern and futuristic designs. In many of these designs, the structural steel are designed to be exposed and to highlight the features of the building. As a result, it demands a special fire protection system which allows the shape and design of the steelworks to be exposed without adversely affecting the aesthetics of the design and at the same time protects the steel in the event of fire.
Isolatek WB3 Series, the thin film intumescent coating, is specifically designed with this objective in mind. The thim film intumescent coating allows it to be applied like a paint and achieve the desired aesthetic of the steel. To top it off, the topcoat is available in a wide range of colours to suit the architect’s selection. The standard intumescent coating system consists of three layers and can be seen as per the illustration above:
Hydrocarbon Grade Intumescent

Hydrocarbon Grade Intumescent

A flexible, spray applied intumescent coating for passive fire protection to the oil & gas and petrochemical facilities. The system provides up to 120 minutes of fire protection in accordance with the UL 1709 standard.
Passive Fireproofing Malaysia (Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Penang) Structural Steel Fire Protection | Rushoe